The dominos are beginning to fall around the criminal enterprise that is the Deep State. In 2016, Barack Obama, the head of DSSG (Deep State Shadow Government) was still in the White House. When Donald Trump began to look like a serious contender for the job, they launched a secret, illegal investigation that would send liberals down the road of delusion for three solid years.

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Now that the truth is coming out and the investigation into the origins of the investigation has begun, Democrat operatives from that time period are coming forward looking for immunity agreements. The first confirmed crossover is 2016 Democrat National Committee Co-Chairman Stuart Smalley.

Smalley, often mistaken for Senator Al Franken, is a well-known political activist, liberal pundit, and Democrat powerhouse. He is not a licensed lobbyist. According to sources inside the DNC that may or may not have personal knowledge of the situation:

“Smalley was making moves between the Democrats and the Deep State, so the dots are defintely being connected. Since he’s not a lobbyist, Congress can use an obscure to see his tax returns and find out if his money came from Russia, so he caved. He’s asked for immunity in exchange for testimony against Obama, Clinton, Powell, and Grover Norquist for some reason.”

From what we can tell, Smalley will sit before the secret grand jury to tell his story as early as late July. It may be the most damning piece of evidence ever presented against Obama. We’ll keep you updated as our source reports in